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What are 2023's big challenges for marketers?

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What's on your marketing wish list this year?

The team at Brandwatch has published a new report looking at what marketers need in 2023. Based on research with 400 professionals in the field, it picks out the biggest challenges and opportunities as described by those at the coal face.

In some ways it's a reassuring read, in that I recognise many of the challenges described from my time in big organisations. But it's also helpful to regroup and consider how we resolve some of the longstanding patterns, so that marketing teams can be most successful.

Here's my highlights from the report:

Obstacles in Marketing

  • The main challenges marketers face include limited time, lack of data, and internal priority issues.

  • We know we need to collect more data, especially through surveys and focus groups, but it's time-consuming and hinders generating leads. Even though research will make it easier to collect leads, it's often seen as a distraction.

  • We're juggling generating traffic and leads, measuring and reporting, and limited budgets, resulting in a lack of bandwidth.

Importance of Data

  • We know it's important. We wish we had more time to invest in getting it, looking at it, and acting on it.

  • Understanding how people consume information and better managing brand reputation are important considerations for the coming year.

Tools, Techniques, and Skills

  • We love our reporting, calendar, and SEO tools.

  • We know we need to build skills in content creation, data analysis, and digital advertising across our teams to be successful in executing our marketing strategies.

Does this resonate for you? What's on your wish list for the rest of 2023? Read the full report for yourself on the Brandwatch website.

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