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Celebrating 60 Years of Strategic Communications in Scotland

On Wednesday night I joined a great group of fellow PR and comms professionals to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations in Scotland.

Organised by the CIPR Scotland events team, it was an inspiring and positive evening of memories, stories and networking.

Too often, communications is a profession which goes unrecognised and is undervalued. We focus on when PR has gone wrong, not when it's gone well.

There were two fantastic speeches from CIPR Fellows John Brown and Jane Cumming, who both talked about communications being there to serve the public interest and the common good, and to act as an organisation's conscience, when others may not feel inclined to. What we do is important, and never more necessary.

Jane summed the future up beautifully when she said that PR professionals are needed because we tell the truth. AI can't tell the difference between fact or fiction, but we need to keep telling stories which change the world.

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