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One of things I advise virtually all my clients is to share proof points. Don't just tell people you are good and expect them to believe it. Show them the evidence! So here I am, taking my own advice. Here are some testimonials from previous clients...

Business strategy 

Swanton Sketches

I have never done any form of marketing and had no idea where to begin. Being a small business these aren't things you are taught before you start out! Carolyn understood exactly what I was looking for, even if i explained it fairly poorly. Having zero understanding of the process behind what I was looking to do, Carolyn explained everything in a manner I could understand. I now have a clear plan of how to market myself better and get my name out there. Beforehand, I was just winging it and hoping for the best.

- Katrina Swanton

Marketing strategy

Coach Jase Personal Training

I was curious to explore the growth potential of my business. I wanted to understand its position in the market and what my USP might be. Carolyn offered a wonderful personalised and tailored service. She took the time to understand what I was looking for, and what would be helpful to me, and my business. Carolyn provided me with a range of recommendations and I loved that they were focussed on helping me to achieve my short-term goals, but also get me thinking and planning for the longer-term. She helped me to see where I might be best targeting my efforts and budget to reap the highest rewards!

- Jason Hart


I was recently appointed as Brand Manager in an organisation and this was my first role leading the marketing for a business. I wanted to have a sounding board external to the business to share ideas, problems or challenges with. Working with Carolyn helped me expand my team, resulting in the workload pressure easing as there are more people to think about the marketing strategy and operations.


Carolyn's strategic marketing experience has been a crucial fountain of knowledge to learn project and time management tactics, decision making tools and ways to report and recommend proposals to Directors in a way I wouldn't have thought about before.

Carolyn has given me the confidence to make informed decisions at work, as well as being confident in my recommendations to the company Directors.

- Mentoring Client

Crisis communications

Content creator and influencer

Our son's business was targeted online which was having a major impact on him and his business. Carolyn gave us sound advice on how to manage and respond to the defamatory content /corresponding comments to ensure damage limitation. 


Working with Carolyn has ensured that the business can recover from the crisis and has given us strategies to manage the situation going forward.

- Crisis Communications Client

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